• Tozi By The Glass

Ciao Tozi friends!

We’ve introduced a brand new way of exploring the finest Italian wines, Tozi By the Glass: a monthly discovery menu that features different  brands, types, and tastes of Italian wine.

Our wine discovery menus will change monthly and feature a variety of wines from light and sparkling to rich reds, and will be available ‘by the glass’. 

April will take you on a journey of ‘Blind Orange Wine’.

“Without Commitment” if you just want some fun and nothing serious. A perfect orange wine for beginners. Dry and light body with notes of apricot, acacia and orange blossom. £9 by the glass.

” A Clockwork Orange” are you ready for the unexpected?  Honey, stone fruits, earthy and persistent minerality. The right start if you like to try something new. £11 by the glass.